The 21st Century Girl

From a girl to being a women, the sufferings in the female life ever and again appears too conventional.

From the very moment a new one is born, there borns a fighter within her. A fighter fighting to survive and than to live a life on her own policies in this intriguing world where she is an outcast since a long time in history.

She grows up under the guarding shadow of her mother in utopia, unaware about the evils of the real world awaiting her.

When she is yet as innocent as any other ten years old, a good uncle bumps into her room and qualifies her to be tagged impure by the society. Poor girl! could not conceive what amusement good uncle acquired by touching her and making her uncomfortable in all possible ways.

She goes out to play in the neighboring park like every other day and there she encounters Mr. Stranger who drags her to a corner and his hands rush everywhere over the naked body under her dress. She is numb, only the thick droplets from her eyes dared to move rolling down her cheeks. The little soul dominated by the urge to live is helplessly alive.

She is a grown up teenager by now who lives life abundantly following her teenage dreams and passions. Things have changed but not enough. She is now aware about those extra care by the good male teacher. She is aware about his approaching hands towards her restricted privy parts. She is aware about every eyes starring at her legs, chest and back while she walks by the road. She is aware about all the good old uncles trying to grope her. She feels filthy and polluted but yet helpless, too horrified and alarmed to protest.

Soon after, the era of joyful college life begins. The new fascinating world and its independence and freedom seems alluring. But, like the sun, moon and the stars, some things in life are constant, concluded the young lady. Its sufficing to disclose to your friends about all those abusing moments since your childhood and then you realize its a part of every next door girls story. Thereupon it becomes an inseparable piece of your day to day life and you learn to live with it.

The doctor grasping the undue advantage and his inappropriate touches constraits you to pray not to fall ill again. The man standing next to you and trying his best to peer through the top of your kurta makes you think twice before taking up a bus. The nasty eyes scanning every section of your body and focusing on each uncovered parts when you are in a saree forces you to consider before choosing your attire. The man running his hands through your back and front taking unfair assistance of the crowd leaves you to be aware every time you step out. But then its a part of every girls story and you are numb.

You stand with frozen heart and blocked consciousness muddled between the crowd of your dreams and reality and one fine day you fall for him and you are head over heels for he is the only one who blindfolds you and carries you from amidst the realm of dirt to sweeping beauty. The new feeling of fondness towards a man captivates you to its depth and erases every blot of contravention from your heart. He tells you “You are only my property.” Property? You wish to tell him the legal definition of property but then you realize he loves you. He does not want the slightest part of your body to be exposed because you are precious to him. He does not want you to talk to any male friends because he cares for you. He does not want you to go out and enjoy because he is scared you will be in trouble. He acquires the legal right to be abusive towards you because you are his property. After carrying through all his needs and living upto his rule book, surviving his slaps for the smallest blunder, kick for each fault, and all the blows in a single lapse finally the walls of affection falls down dumping you again in the existing world.

She grows up to be a woman who challenged the world where she is an outcast and managed to survive its cruelty bestowed upon her. Since the day she was born she had been the goddess of tolerance and sacrifice. She wished someone told her its okay to cry for help every time she is groped. She wished someone bumped her back and refilled her courage to slap that stalker who did not leave a chance to harass her. She wished someone spoke to her that life ain’t alone about surviving your sufferings. She wished someone made her aware of the fact that its only you who can break the barriers and run free. Now she has a bigger dream than merely enduring the pain, now she wants to break every wall that confines her, she wants to design her life on her own strategies, she wants to be freed from the agony, today she wants to live and to live more.

P.S. Being numb, crying and tolerance is not the end of suffering. Surviving and living has difference.


A humble letter to my very own, society

Dear society, at the very onset I am earnestly grateful for the norms and values accommodated by you which has been serving us since a long time by maintaining cordial domestication. The criterion provided by you differentiates us from other animals and today we proudly call ourselves as “HUMANS”, the strongest and smartest of all animals (since human are also called “social animal”).
It has been a long, rather very long journey and you have elevated yourselves a good way towards development from the days of gender selection to educating girls and nurturing their dreams, from the era of untouchability to concepts like unity of humanity and mankind. But yet an extensive progression is untouched. Your history is marked with ample breakthroughs, but, yet your conviction plays an ambiguous part when dealt with caste or religion conjoined by wedlock (Yes I’m talking about inter-caste and inter-religious marriages). You are still substantially weak when your performance demands religious concern. Is it because of your deep spiritual belief in divinity? Or your acute craving to clench your own religion? Howsoever the argument may go on, the fact is that today’s youth does not entertain your communal differentiation.
I know you are up hilling backbreaking battles to unite your own communion, but the bitter truth is that these conflicts won’t bring forth harmony to your race. You are unaware of the reality that your conduct is not strengthening the bond of your sect but weakening it on the contrary. Today, much of the heads visualizes it to be more prominent to escape from your spiritual clutch rather than being a victim of your dogmatic disclosure that can knock them off any minute.
Yes, we are obviously grateful that you let us educate ourselves which further enlightened our notions. And these enrichment does not allow us to support your unreasonable cause. We won’t let you lead us through your absurd intellect, and will definitely fight the smallest unchaste grain that concretizes you.
Some of your legendary conduct baffles my mind concerning your true motive. You murdered every soul who attempted to unite the divergent caste and religion through marriage because from your vision that harms your social and spiritual honor and integrity. Manoj-Babli’s famous honor killing case followed by Nitish Katara’s ruthless killing, Bhavna Yadav’s savage death and many more. The list of shame is too long to be included in one piece. Much of our fellow brothers and sisters killed themselves out of contravention victimized by your resentment. But dear society, how will you define honor in killing? Its rather a disgrace that you mutilated your children who tried to unite the world with the bond of love. Thence you might have realized that its beyond the bounds of possibility to rip out love among divergent caste and creed so its better that you slightly loosen your grip over your religiosity and let the youth bind the world with the magic of love and make the world a better place to live in, free from coercion and bloodshed. It is distinct from your every bewildering action that a peaceful world is not possible from your irrational statute. I am only a small fragment of the huge quantum that embodies you, I am a crystal glass who can show you the reality behind your back but to internalize the change completely depends on your wish and all the power whatsoever bestowes in you. However demands by circumstances are fulfilled by grabbing the rights at the right time.

                Your sincere wellwisher